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Our values are based on Frode Laursen’s ambition of becoming the best company in the Nordic region, at creating value through specialization,  for our customers and ourselves.

Frode Laursen is a Danish, family owned business with the goal of achieving an annual growth of between 10% and 15%.

The Thorkil Andersen family owns the company. The company was established and run by Frode Laursen from 1948 to 1980, when his son took over until 1989.

Since 1988, Frode Laursen has had a constant growth of turnover and profits, and the company is very solvent..

Frode Laursen is one of the leading suppliers of total logistic solutions to the FMCG market in the Nordic region.

We have multishare warehouses, which are geographically capable of serving the Nordic region, and we offer the same within distribution and transport systems.

At the same time, we continuously extend the flow of information in the logistics chain. Through knowledge sharing related to the complex processes in the modern FMCG logistics, Frode Laursen ensures that our customers’ value chain is adapted to the conditions, and that the customer always has the optimum solution.
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